CAmp Purpose


Is to  provide CAMPERS with proper techniques  that will help them accomplish the goal in wrestling that they have Set  for themselves. 


In this camp we will work on techniques in all positions (top, bottom, and neutral). We will teach and touch on the following areas.

  • Fundamental training 
  • Position-specific strategy
  • Focus on mental and technical skills
  • Hand fighting 
  • Creating angles  and using the basic  skills to accomplish high level moves
  • Top and Bottom techniques  

This camp has had some the the best youth and high school kids in the country.

Are you next?

The most important thing in wrestling position will be emphasized in all areas of wrestling.

Better set ups to attack
Having multiple set ups and a variety of  attacks will allow you to score more points. 

Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion

Stretching is a critical part of any athletic routine. Flexibility is important for offense and defense. We incorporate this focus in all sessions.

Increased Dexterity Skill-sets
Improve body awareness, coordination and footwork. Good for the development of the all around athlete.